🍋 we never really discussed it — with Nora
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🍋 we never really discussed it — with Nora

Have you ever tried to fit in so badly you changed your appearance? Were you aware of the subconscious reasons that may have lead to this decision?

Nora S. is a close friend and in this episode we dive deep into her roots and unveil a story of layered identity crisis. At a young age, Nora was adopted, then she spent her life growing up in various places, as a Third Culture Kid. On this episode you hear her navigate the delicate dynamics of being from a certain place, but always standing out: from negative stereotypes perpetrated against Asian women, to strangers questioning her belonging, tune in for a vulnerable, honest, and courageous conversation on this week’s episode of the in-betweenish pod.

Content Warning: There is mention of depression in this episode, so please listen with caution. If you would like to avoid this section altogether please skip from minutes 44:30 to 45:15.

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