how do you connect with your different cultures? — with Fiona
inbetweenishJune 11, 202400:56:58

how do you connect with your different cultures? — with Fiona

How do you connect with your different cultures?

In this episode, I’m speaking with Fiona Livingstone, who balances her Dutch-Scottish heritage with her English upbringing. Fiona candidly shares her journey of navigating her cultural identity and the challenges she experienced along the way. She opens up about her childhood home, her desire to assimilate, and how her perspective evolved over time. From feeling silently judged to missing out on learning Dutch, Fiona reveals how she coped and how nostalgia played a significant role in her life. Interestingly, she created a list of all the things she loves about her different cultures, which helped her form a unique and authentic sense of being. This episode offers a touching and insightful glimpse into Fiona's life and how her magazine, FOYER, was born from her own struggles with her identity.

Fiona Livingston is the founder and editor of FOYER magazine, an annual print arts, culture and heritage magazine from the point of view of second-generation, mixed-heritage and third-culture kid individuals. 

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