can we talk about taboos? — with Amuna pt. 2
inbetweenishApril 02, 202401:01:12

can we talk about taboos? — with Amuna pt. 2

Can we talk about taboos? 

In this second episode with Amuna Wagner we explore taboos and the importance of processing them and addressing them. She also shares her views on the nuance and difference between religion and faith. This is particularly interesting to listen to given her life experience with a family that touches the three Abrahamic religions. Lastly, we also focus on her experience of growing up as an interracial child and touch upon her documentary Schwarz, capturing conversations around the black German experience. 

In the last episode, Amuna reflected on her crisis of purpose as she walked us down her fascinating family history: from the Holocaust, to refugee camps, and eventually to rebuilding of life as a marginalized community. Make sure you tune into episode 1! 

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