✌🏽 the checklist we grew up with — with Nora G. [Part II]
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✌🏽 the checklist we grew up with — with Nora G. [Part II]

Growing up did you feel like you had to adhere to a certain checklist; be it your parent's, society's, or your religion's checklist?

This is part II of a two-part episode with my high school friend Nora Gharib. She is a full-time architect, interior designer, and content creator who just moved from the East Coast to the West Coast! This week we tackle religion as Nora grew up in an interfaith household and with a very diverse family around her. We chat about celebrating religious and cultural traditions, the checklist for marriage, questioning your elders, and wonder why we have arbitrary rules.

Part I of this two part episode is all about culture, languages, code switching, and hiding behind certain identities. 


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