reflections on: how does your identity change over time?
inbetweenishOctober 03, 202300:16:14

reflections on: how does your identity change over time?

In this season's first minisode, we’re getting personal as I’m sharing a valuable lesson from Vovó (grandma in portuguese). Navigating a complex and ever-evolving identity can be confusing, to say the least, but today we breakdown why it’s normal. Confusion about your identity is a common human experience. We dive into how many identities we have accumulated and gathered through our lifetime. This is universal; you don’t have to be inbetweenish to be confused about who you are, but it definitely adds another layer of complexity. I hope this resonates, and I hope you can relate. And most of all, I hope you realize, you are not alone. We're all on our own journey of self-discovery.

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