on Palestine pt.2 — struggle for liberation
inbetweenishJanuary 15, 202400:59:03

on Palestine pt.2 — struggle for liberation

Part 2 of the ‘on Palestine’ series:

The Palestinian struggle for liberation is portrayed widely differently depending on who you ask, but have you ever asked Palestinians how they see and understand their own struggle for liberation?

On Palestine is a three-part-series on the inbetweenish pod that focuses on the Palestinian identity, the struggle for liberation, and a way forward. Palestinians have often been misrepresented by the media, so in this mini-series you will be hearing from 3 Palestinians that come from different backgrounds:

Zeena, Palestinian diaspora who was raised in the Arab world
Faissal, Palestinian diaspora who was raised in the Western world 
→ Nour, Palestinian who was born and raised in Palestine

Discover Palestine through it’s authors, artists, and poets:

Music for the On Palestine series comes from traditional Palestinian folkloric music found in this compilation here.

Join us next Tuesday for Part 3 of the On Palestine series, this time we will be covering: a way forward, with vulnerability and honesty.

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed belong to the respective guests of the show and do not represent the views, thoughts, and opinions of the inbetweenish pod.

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