🌳 notions of home — with Baharak
inbetweenishNovember 15, 202200:59:04

🌳 notions of home — with Baharak

Have you ever asked yourself what ‘home’ means to you?
And did you ever stop to wonder how the words we use matter?

From a young age, Baharak Bashmani, has had to navigate many worlds, each time moving for different reasons: from fleeing her 'home' country, to being resettled by the UNHCR, and later moving by choice. Every move comes with its own trials and tribulations, but ultimately her determination carries her through. As she makes her way through 7 countries, she reflects on her experiences and asks: What is 'home'? And where are my roots? Tune in for an honest conversation as Baharak reveals her notions of 'home', the nuances between fitting in and belonging, and as she reflects on her roots and nomadic lifestyle.

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