✌🏽 no but where are you really from? — with Nora G. [Part I]
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✌🏽 no but where are you really from? — with Nora G. [Part I]

Do you hate being asked “no, but where are you really from?” 
This is the first of a two-part episode with my high school friend Nora Gharib. Nora is a full-time architect, interior designer, and content creator! This week we chat about how her parents met in NYC, despite coming from two entirely different countries; we also chat about language confusion, culture, and hiding behind certain identities. Of all the intercultural people I have met, Nora and her family are the first I meet that have an extended family that also understand what it means to be cross-cultural within the same cultures! Next week on part II of the episode, we tackle religion as Nora also grew up in an interfaith family.


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